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A beggar with fake amputated hand arrested (Photos)

Photos have shown the young man who was exposed after being found out to make a living from deceiving the public.
Local reports show that the suspect pretended to be handicapped as he begged in public with a fake amputated hand. It was gathered that the fake beggar’s trick was exposed after people noticed some abnormalities in the way he acted and called police.
Police rushed at the scene and ordered him to remove the cloths he had covered his hand with and all the passersby were shocked.
It was reported that the young man has been covering his hand with dirty rags faking to be amputated in order to collect as much money as he can from the unsuspecting sympathizers.
The suspect revealed that he had been into the begging business for three months now. The police whisked him away.
Below is a photo of him without his disguise.

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