Mythological History of Igbo Religion – By Mazi kaycee Nworlu Alozie


”Mythological History of Igbo Religion*

The Igbo are staunchly Christians today however some of their pre-Christian deities include,

Amadioha – the god of thunder, justice, god of the freeborn and of storms, paramount deity of the Southern Igbo (Ikwerre, Etche, Owerri, Ngwa, Mbaise, and Ndoki) his cult did not extend to Northern Igbo areas (Anambra, Enugu, Anioma)
Known to the Aro and Eastern Igbo (Edda, Ohafia, Abiriba, Abam, Bende, Ikun-Ubaghara) as Kamalu or Shortened Kalu. Totem is the white ram (evuleocha)
His cult Originated concurrently in Ahoada (Amadioha) and Aro (Kamalu) principal shrine or HQ is currently in Ozuzu Etche and Nkarahia (Ikwerre) all in Rivers State, note that Amadi is a common name amongst the Ikwerre.

Ikenga – the spirit of the right hand, might or strength, the Bini have an equivalent known as Obu.

Igwe (Igwekaala) – sky deity, personification of the sky, consort of the mother earth (Ala) principal shrine is in Umunoha Mbaitoli (a town founded by migrants from Ozuzu Etche.

Ubini Ukpabi (the talking drum of the Almighty) – principal deity of the Aro, origin is from the Ibritam shrine taken over following the Aro-Ibibio wars, also known as Chukwuabiama,

Ala/Ali – mother earth, the goddess of the earth. Supreme mother of all.

Ogugu/Ogwugwu – god of iron and principal deity of war, also popular in Enyiogugu and Mbaise area.

Owu mini – a water spirit or deity to whom a water body is a deity usually female.

Ngele/Ngene – god of the grooves, the forest, and springs, popular in Isu area.

Otisi (Obasi Otisi) – god of the hearth, the obu(clan meeting hall) strength, Aro or eastern Igbo equivalent (Ohafia, Abiriba, Bende etc) of Ikenga.

Nkwa – goddess of the hearth or stead (homestead) female counterpart of Otisi (Aro or Eastern Igbo)

Edo – goddess of wealth, gold precious items and business, principal deity of Nnewi and her neighbours.

Ifejioku/Ahajioku – also believed to may have originated in Ahoada, god of yam the principal crop of the Igbo, god of agriculture and fertility.

Anyanwu/Ahabeh – deity personifying the sun.

Nnete – goddess of grooves and springs (popular in Enugu)

Orashi – owu miri of the Orashi river (paramount in Oru areas and Mbano)

Otamiri – Owu miri of the Otamiri River, paramount amongst the Owerri and Etche.

Njaba – owu Miri of the Njaba River

Idemili – owu Mili of the Idemili people, chief totem is the python… Hence pythons are sacred and revered in Idemili and Njaba (Isu) areas

Adigwe – the moon

Ekwensu – the devil, the god of tricks, pranks, deals, war

Ojukwu – principal Ikwerre and Aro deity, major shrine at diobu,

Ogbunabali – god of death, the grim reaper, the Japanese have a similar deity known as Susano

Agbara – a fairy or sprite occupying a place such as a river or spring.

Arushi – a deity or idol.

chi – personal spirit force, guardian angel, spirit or destiny guide, there was a popular chi shrine at Nkarahia…

Ekeh – first begotten of Chukwu, through whom Chukwu created the world, the market days, the cosmos and all in it.”

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