The youths should stop mortgaging their blinking future in the name of politics in Nigeria – by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

The looters and moneybags in Nigeria politics are the reasons the youths are poor. Stop recycling them. They have gone out of use. Stop patronizing your oppressors.


If I tell you as youths to go and wrestle power from these money bags, then I might be far from reality. Very far.

These men are looters. They are the reasons we are poor. The fact remains that you can’t match them. You can’t even effect any change. Thus, for me to ask Nigeria youths to rally together and make a stand means I am not reasonable.

How could you expect an Igbo/Ijaw youth and Hausa/Fulani to agree on one idea?These people are not one. We shouldn’t pretend about it. They are culturally, religiously and psychologically different. Asking question like ‘why can’t Nigeria youths support and rally  together one candidate is a very wrong question.

The fact remains that there’s nothing like Nigeria youths. We can say we have Ogoni youths, Ijaw youths, Igbo youths, Yoruba youths, Hausa youths, Fulani youths etc, but not Nigeria youths. Some of these youths can find a common ground but not all. Igbo, Ogoni and Ijaw can form a common ground due to some affiliations made possible by cultural relationship. Same thing with Hausa and Fulani. You don’t expect Hausa, Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba youths to agree on one thing. This is exactly why there won’t be any national motivated revolution, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be revolution.

Challenging the money bags in Nigeria politics won’t be easy. Saying we don’t have a choice means we have given up hope without a fight.

Are we angry about how things are going in this country? Are we tired of recycling leaders? Buhari destroyed Nigeria in 1983/84, he came back to destroy her more in 2015. People that said they don’t have a choice brought in Buhari. Today, people that say they don’t have a choice are about to recycle in Atiku. I know recycling is good, but not in governance. Recycle these materials littering our country, for it fetches good money.

How then can we fight these people? How?

We need to show them that we have lost interest in them all. Some one promised change, and renegade on it. He promised to fight corruption and ended up being corruption himself. How then are you believing the one promising restructuring? How can he be able to give you restructuring? Can he sponsor a bill? Can such bill pass? Think brothers, think!

With a total boycott, we must have carried out the greatest revolution in history. You don’t need money to organize a boycott.

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