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Nigeria – A curse to Igbo Nation – By Freddie Ude



If the Igbos have had their own separate country, we would have been far more industrialized than we are now. Have 24/7 electricity supply. Produced more millionaires and billionaires that we parades presently. Almost all Igbo families would have been lifted from poverty thereby reducing crime rate to almost zero.

Thinking about all the positivities that would have been the situation of an Igbo Nation, then I begin to wonder why a well brest feeded Igbo man or woman will be supporting one Nigeria.

How people will support the continuation of a country you cannot predict its future is beyond human comprehension. A country you are not sure of what It becomes in 10, 15 to 20yrs to come, is not a country, and undeserving of anybody’s support/loyalty.

I have concluded that only failures and people of low self esteem believes in Nigeria, that is because only such people will believe and hope on nothingness Nigeria represent. There is nothing about Nigeria that look like it will ever get better.

One Nigeria has brought nothing to an Igboman but destruction and backwardness. Nigeria itself is a crime against humanity, It’s a mistake that shouldn’t have happened, but since it did happened, It needs all the solutions to correct the mistake.

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