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Alternative Scriptwriting: Successfully Breaking the Rules (Fourth Edition)

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Alternative Scriptwriting: Successfully Breaking the Rules celebrates a multitude of approaches to screenwriting and filmmaking. Beginning with a re-evaluation of the much-discussed issue of three-act structure, this book proceeds to encourage the writer to consider alternative approaches to both conventional and offbeat film stories.

Alternative Scriptwriting takes a mixed-genre approach not only to its content, but also to its form. Theory and practice are intentionally intermingled to suggest the mixture of intellectual context and inchoate intuition with which the writer works. Key issues, exceptions, case studies, and exercises are included and are designed to encourage the writer to experiment with the broad range of narrative and dramatic practices that make up our long history of storytelling.

Finally, because this is a book about differences in writing, the co-authors have not smoothed over the occasional, minor divergences between their perspectives and writing styles. Rather than detract from the text, these differences serve to reinforce their beliefs that there can be no single, right approach to an art form that, like all art forms, thrives on exception rather than rule.


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