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Marketing For Dummies – Alexander Hiam

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In this book, you’ll:

  • Discover how to coordinate your sales and marketing activities in an effective marketing program that optimizes your spending and allows you to track results across numerous media formats, including traditional advertising, the web, and hand-held devices.


  • Position your brand, products, services, or self to maximize impact and differentiate from the competition. Select the marketing strategy that fits your scale and current position to generate realistic growth.


  • Create a simple yet sufficiently detailed marketing plan to help you track progress, note areas of success, and eliminate unprofitable activities.


  • Make constructive changes by shifting your effort and spending away from low-growth or shrinking market segments and seeking waves of growth to ride to higher levels of sales.


  • Create clear, simple statements of your strategies and tactics to share with your marketing team, from graphic designers and media buyers to sales representatives, distributors, or other marketing partners.


  • Analyze, analyze, analyze. Research what your competitors are doing, how the industry is looking, and what your customers really want in order to find the sweet spot for your company.


  • Discover numerous ways of conducting low-cost (or no-cost) research, from conducting simple e-mail surveys and browsing databases to thinking outside the box and interviewing lost customers and children (they’re naturally creative geniuses!).


  • Find out how to craft a creative brief that presents the results of your brainstorming sessions in a format that allows you and others to turn creative ideas into a reality for your business.


  • Appeal to customers’ rational thoughts and their emotions in your marketing communications by developing an understanding how to engage the brain.


  • Recognize — for once and for all — the true importance of excellent writing and compelling visuals in creating memorable and effective marketing communications.


  • Ensure clear, compelling, eye-catching, and easy-to-read text wherever it appears in your marketing materials, from traditional brochures and catalogs to websites, blogs, landing pages for promos, and web content optimized for phones, not just widescreens.


  • Mix the best of traditional media, including outdoor signage, brochures, and mailings, with the impact of emerging media, from electronic signs to customized messages based on prospects’ web-surfing interests or the proximity of their phone to your store.


  • Tap in to the power of radio and streaming audio and video options as an alternative to traditional (and expensive!) television spots.


  • Improve the efficacy of your marketing messages — and give them a more personal touch — by taking advantage of new advertising tactics that help you speak to the right prospects and avoid poorly directed (and costly) ad blasts.


  • Discover 5 easy options for face-to-face marketing: sponsor community events, attend trade shows, create advisory board, offer a free or low cost workshop, post how-to advise on web.


  • Build a stand-out brand identity that’s compelling, clear, and consistent across all marketing and communications platforms and venues.


  • Use pricing and promotions more effectively, both to generate sales and to maximize profits. Rethink distribution channels to reach more prospects and reduce steps, whether through traditional channels, on the web, or through hand-held devices.


  • Design or manage a sales force or network of sales representatives.
  • Maximize customer retention and referrals by optimizing customer service.


  • Keep your marketing program out of the red by avoiding the most common errors and mistakes.


  • Boost your sales by using web-based techniques that minimize cost and offer quick feedback and budgetary flexibility.


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