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Proposal for 12 Regional Restructuring of Nigeria – by Baron Roy.

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Structure of the Parliamentary Region 1 - Òdūa!!! Àwõn õmõ kaarò õjíire!!!

Consultations with different groups on the proposed 12 Region Parliamentary Format in a restructured Nigeria. One very instructive concern was the survival of the regions as there would be no sharing of revenues. All regions must survive on the taxes generated less the 25% sent to the centre.

Odua Region: Industries, Apapa Ports, Railways, Agriculture, Banking, Telecoms, Mining, Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing. The Region has an estimated population of 38 million people including Yoruba Kogi, Yoruba Kwara and Yoruba Edo. Corporate & Personal Income Taxes could easily breach the N5 trillion Naira mark within the first year.

It is proposed that the region would delineate constituencies such that each constituency would bring about parties that would provide candidates to contest among one another. The electoral body shall consist of member from all the participating political parties and the traditional rulers within the constituency. The balloting process shall be the Open Ballot System and results announced at the Polling Station. The winner shall be a Member of the Regional Parliament.

The party with the highest number of parliamentarians shall be invited by the Yoruba Traditional Council of Chiefs (Headed by a Chairman) to form a government with a simple majority. The leader of the winning party shall be the Premier of the Region and choose his cabinet from among the parliamentarians. All parliamentarians shall be equal and all decisions of the Premier must be approved by the house and ratified by the Traditional Council of Chiefs.

Odua Region is fully ready to compete with France, Germany, Hong Kong and the rest. The region is being held down by the current structure and people impoverished by the lack of organization as found in other regions. This is organic Restructuring that could take place despite this structure and the government! Conduct elections in the localities, elect the parliamentarians and provide an alternative and more effective means of providing succour for the people. Ignore this structure and their system of government; take your destiny in your hands.

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