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Protest against false prophets and false miracles rocks Johannesburg – Charles Awuzie


Today (14th March, 2018) in Johannesburg, South Africa, a group of concerned Christians staged a protest against false prophets and false miracles.

This is the result of the explosion of truth. When the eyes of people open, they rise up and protest against their slave masters.

If you are doing ministry with manipulations, be afraid. Start converting to the truth. Get a business/career quick. Because a movement is fast rising. This movement is not centered on one person. It’s a global movement. Eyes have popped open. You can’t deceive people any longer.

To you brother Solomon, I say a big thank you for standing for the truth. You are a Nigerian in South Africa who decided to go against his own people to stand for the truth yet the citizens of the country you are trying to warn seem not to see the handwriting on the wall.

At least the world now knows that not all Nigerian pastors are criminals. We have bold Nigerians who can give their lives for the truth.

Nigerians are extremists – if they become false prophets, they become the most dangerous false prophets… And if they stand for the truth, they can die for the truth. This is one thing the world never knew about Nigerians.

Today is going to be recorded in my diary as the day a Nigerian led a protest in South Africa against falsehood.

More protests will follow… Soon, if you try to use prophecies to collect money in church, someone will stand up and pretend like they have a testimony, then comes close to you and slap you on both sides of your skull

It’s going to get hectic… False prophets, get ready.



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